Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Today's TECH

Cornershot, an Israeli-American firm has created a pistol accessory that enables the user to see, and fire, a pistol around corners. The Corner Gun looks like a boxy assault rifle. But in the center of the weapon can turn right or left, and the front part of the weapon can hold a pistol (Glocks are used now, but others can be accommodated). The front part also contained a video cam. The rear part of the weapon has a viewer for the videocam and a trigger, which activates a trigger mechanism in front part that fires the pistol. Firing 9mm or larger bullets, the sighting system is pretty accurate at ranges under a hundred meters, which is the normal range of urban combat. The weapon can fire a pistol fitted with a silencer. The videocam can be replaced with a night vision system and laser sights. This system is only being sold to governments for police or military operations. The Israeli army is field testing the system in urban combat situations. Obviously, the weapon is also useful for just looking around a corner to see if the coast is clear, and that would probably be its most frequent use in combat. No price was given, but the Corner Gun is not high tech (although it is patented) and could be assembled using off the shelf parts and the use of a machine shop.


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